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About Maple City

The passage below is taken from the wonderful book, "Vintage Views of Lake Leelanau County" by M. Christine Byron and Thomas R. Wilson.

The book can be purchased at local Traverse City bookstores as well as online at Amazon - Click Here.

"Maple city was first settled in 1866 by J.T. Sturvtevant and his son, who built a factory that made wooden shoe pegs.  It was originally called Peg Town, but changed to Maple City when its post office was established.  A small hotel and sawmill were built.  The mill was later sold and converted to the production of wood bowls, handles for brooms and pitchforks, shingles, and wooden flooring.  The peg factory operated until 1880 when it burned.  The mill produced wooden good until 1916.  Maple city maintains the charms of a quaint village."

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